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13 de abril de 2017

Yesterday I was wandering around the streets of London after work. After coming back from Japan and experiencing the sakura trees, I was feeling quite melancholic. But there is this special thing in London that makes it really special. I love Spring in this city because you get to find cherry blossoms in almost every block, so it doesn’t make it that hard coming back. As cherry blossom season is almost over, there has been pink petals covering the streets walks. So I got to have some fun with them.

I’ve been intending to post some other photos of the nice parks I have found in London and obviously the post about my trip to Japan but these last few months have been quite hectic for me. I just started a new job and at the same time have been working on two really exciting campaigns that require my complete time during the weekends.

So please bear with me while I finish editing because the post will be really worth it!


2 de enero de 2017

 Back in Mexico, we have the tradition of celebrating “Día De Reyes” or Day of the Three Wise Men. This tradition takes place on the 6th of January where we eat Rosca de Reyes (a cake pastry) with hot cocoa and also on this day many kids receive gifts from “The Wise Men”. In parts of southern Mexico, this tradition is stronger than Santa Claus so many children expect to receive gifts on this day. What I remember the most about this day is that the “Wise Men” never brought toys to me and my brother, instead we would always wake up to books as gifts. My mother use to tell us that the Wise Men wanted us to have the gift of wisdom and for us to be open to a new world of knowledge, so when I received books it was always a magical experience because I knew a tiny world was there waiting to be read. Now that I have grown up and live in London, this tradition no longer takes place at home so I decided to revive this tradition in 2017.
 I am very excited to announce that I will be hosting a giveaway today! I’ve partnered up with my friends at Hay House and we came up with a selection of books that will uplift your spirit this 2017. I have always loved books about new age philosophy, spirituality and self-love, and this year one of my resolutions is to get back on track with my spiritual life, live a healthier (both physically and mentally) life and ignite my light. 2016 has not been a great year for many, but that is what new years are for to open up new opportunities to start fresh and be able to direct your life to where your heart leads it.
 I’ve read many of the titles on the selection and I can say I have found a new perspective in life and how to live it to the fullest. I’ve learned so much this last year (though some not in the best way) and I still know there is so much more to learn, but now I have more strength, more self-love and more openness to understand the lessons the universe is putting in my way.
 I really hope that people understand the importance of paying attention and caring for our subtle world as we do for the real world to start appreciating and acknowledging that we are the creators of our lives and that we have the power to rise into our independent nature and have all of our dreams come true.
 I know these books will help you guide you into a more prosperous life in all aspects and will help you shine your brightest.
 So the dynamic of this giveaway will be really simple. You just have to tag two friends on my Instagram post. After that please fill the form at the end of this blog post on the embedded survey with your name, email, Instagram user account, country and the book you will like to receive. I will be contacting the winner by the 20th of January.
 Now to the fun part, these are the books that we will be giving away.
1. Radical Self-Love
A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams
By Gala Darling

2. Light is the New Black
A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light
By Rebecca Campbell

3. Rise Sister Rise
A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Women Within
by Rebecca Campbell

4. Raise Your Vibration
111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection
by Kyle Gray

5. The Universe Has Your Back
How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What
by Gabrielle Bernstein

6. Pussy
A Reclamation.
By Regena Thomashauer

7. Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle
How to Break Free of Negativity and Drama
By Doreen Virtue

8. Worthy
Boost Your Self-Worth To Grow Your Net Worth
By Nancy Levin

9. Moonology
Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles
By Yasmin Boland

10.The Courage to be Creative
How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path
By Doreen Virtue

 Thank you for your participation, I will be contacting the winners soon. Good Luck!


28 de diciembre de 2016

 This summer my brother got married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and despite living so far from Mexico, it was not an event that I could miss. Looking for cheap flights, we found a very good deal on a direct flight from London to Cancun and decided to spend a few days on the beach before the wedding, since we needed the sun after a long cold London winter and spring.
 Arriving at the airport we decided to rent a Fiat 500 to be able to transport us and make a small roadtrip to a destination that I had been dying to go for a long time.
 Our first day at the beach we took advantage of Cancun’s blue sea as we sat on the sand and enjoyed some cold Coronas (we needed them!). Feeling the sun and the heat burning deep in the bones is one of my favourite things, so you could already imagine my happiness. After having stayed all day at the beach, we decided to go for some delicious tacos to end the day.
 The next day we prepared to go to the place that I had been waiting for so long, Las Coloradas de Yucatan. I had seen many pictures on the internet of that place and I could not believe that while I lived in Mexico for many years I had never visited this place, so this time around I could not miss out.
 We left very early in the morning as the roadtrip to get there takes about 3 hours. We drove all along the Kantunil Cancún road until we reached a small city called Valladolid. Unfortunately, we could not stop there as the day light was limited and we needed to make the most of it. So we continued driving to Rio Lagarto and although the road is very safe, we had no cellular signal and car’s GPS didn’t work but fortunately people were very kind when we stopped to ask for directions.
 On more than one occasion, we stopped to take pictures of the towns we were driving through. Counting these stops plus some technical breaks for some corn in a cup led us to take almost 4 hours to arrive to our destination (ups! Haha).
 Once arriving at the place, it took us some time to find the pink river as it was some what hidden but since the town is very small, the locals who saw us knew why we were there for. I will not lie to you but once we arrived, it was not what I expected. The river was very small and next to a busy salt factory. I imagined an incredible magical and heavenly landscape but there were lories and cars around the plant that limited the view. Later a gentleman approached us and offered us to take us to the perfect spot to better see the landscape. We told him that we only wanted to take some photos and he gave us permission to roam with the car in the restricted area and just asked us in return to not to go into the water as it would affect the water’s composition.
 It was there that I found the magical place I had hoped for. The pinkest water I had seen with the reflection of the blue sky. You could see a beautiful gradient of pink and the tones were perfect. The final photo editions did not need Photoshop, it was actually pastel pink!
 After having taken thousands of photos, we decided to break the rules a bit and go a little further into the restricted area. We arrived at a lagoon where there were many pink flamingos!!! We went further more into the property again to take more pictures and try to catch the flamingos moving but as the place had such a zen vibe, they were very peaceful. On our return back to Cancun we made a small detour to visit the majestic pyramid of Chichen Itza, as we had never had the opportunity to visit.
 Many times we let ourselves be guided by tourist things and we do not explore everything that Mexico can offer us. More than once I have talked with foreigners and they have told me about their trips to Mexico, especially Cancun or Tulúm, and when I tell them about Las Coloradas they can not believe that this exists and that they did not have the opportunity to visit because they didn’t know of their existence. As Mexicans we have to promote the tourism of Mexico and demonstrate all the beauties that it can offer us.
 The following are some photos I would like to share with you of the pink adventure I had.
(Spanish text at the end)

Este verano mi hermano se caso en San Miguel de Allende, y a pesar de estar viviendo en Londres, no era un evento que me pensaba perder. Buscando vuelos baratos, encontramos una muy buena oferta de un vuelo directo de Londres – Cancún. Entonces aprovechamos ese vuelo y decidimos pasar unos días en la playa, ya que después del frío que pasamos en Londres nos hacía falta. 
 Llegando al aeropuerto decidimos rentar un Fiat 500 para poder transportarnos y hacer un pequeño roadtrip a un destino que moría por ir desde hace tiempo.
 El primer día aprovechamos el mar celeste de Cancún, nos sentamos en la arena y disfrutamos unas Coronas frías (¡ya nos hacía falta!). Sentir el calor y el sol que quema los huesos es de mis cosas favoritas, así que ya se imaginaran mi felicidad. Después de haber estado todo el día en la playa por la noche fuimos a unos tacos que nos recomendaron deliciosos.
 Al día siguiente nos preparamos para ir a el lugar que tanto había estado esperando, Las Coloradas de Yucatán. Había visto muchísimas fotos en internet de ese lugar y no podía creer que mientras vivía en México nunca lo visite, así que en esta ocasión no me lo podía perder.
 Salimos muy temprano por la mañana, ya que el viaje toma aproximadamente unas 3 horas. Manejamos por toda la carretera Kantunil Cancún hasta llegar a Valladolid, pero desafortunadamente no nos pudimos parar ahí, ya que íbamos con el tiempo contado. Continuamos manejando rumbo al Rio Lagarto, y a pesar de que la carretera es muy segura, no teníamos señal del celular y el GPS del carro tampoco funcionaba, pero la gente era muy amable cuando nos parábamos a pedir indicaciones.
 En mas de una ocasión, nos bajamos a tomar fotos de los pueblitos que estábamos cruzando. Contando esas paradas mas las escalas técnicas por unos elotes desgranados nos tomó unas 4 horas en llegar (ups! Jaja).
 Una vez llegando a el lugar, nos tomo tiempo encontrar el rio rosa, esta un poco escondido, pero el pueblo esta muy chiquito, entonces la gente que te ve supone que vas a ver eso. No les voy a mentir, pero una vez que llegamos no era lo que esperaba, el rio estaba muy pequeño y queda a lado de una salinera. Yo me imaginaba el increíble paisaje mágico y paradisiaco, pero en realidad había trailers alrededor y fabricas. Pero en eso llego un señor con nosotros muy buena gente, el cual nos indico el spot perfecto para ver el lugar. Le dijimos que solamente queríamos hacer unas fotos y nos dio permiso de entrar con el carro, solamente nos pidió que no nos metiéramos al agua.
 Entonces fue ahí donde encontré el lugar mágico que tanto había esperado. El agua mas rosa que había visto, con el reflejo del cielo azul, se podía ver un degradado hermoso. Los tonos eran perfectos, las ediciones no llevaban Photoshop, en realidad era rosa pastel!
 Después de haber tomado n-mil fotos, decidimos romper un poquito las reglas y adentrarnos un poco mas. Llegamos a una laguna donde había muchísimos flamingos rosas!!! Nos bajamos de nuevo a tomar fotos y tratar de captarlos en movimiento, pero como el lugar tiene una vibra tan zen, estaban muy pacíficos. A nuestro regreso aprovechamos el viaje para visitar Chichén Itzá, ya que nunca había tenido la oportunidad de visitar. 
 Muchas veces nos dejamos guiar por las cosas turísticas, y no exploramos todo lo que México nos puede ofrecer. Más de una ocasión he platicado con extranjeros y me han contado de sus viajes a México, especialmente Cancún o Tulúm, y cuando les comento acerca de Las Coloradas no pueden creer que eso exista en México y que no tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar porque no sabían de la existencia de ese lugar. Como mexicanos nos toca promover el turismo de México y demostrar todas la bellezas que nos puede ofrecer.
 Les comparto las fotos de esta aventura rosa.


21 de noviembre de 2016

 Two weeks ago I was invited by Pinterest UK to an afternoon at Soho Farmhouse – a 100-acre private member’s club and country house hotel- for the launch of their new book Morning Noon Night. It has always been one of my dream destinations in England, so I immediately said yes. It all started by meeting at the Marylebone Rail Station, where we had our own carriage that took us to the country side. After arriving to Banbury Station a shuttle was ready to drive us to Soho Farmhouse, and the view was gorgeous, imagine the beautiful English countryside houses with lovely autumn gardens.
 On our arrival we got greeted by the staff at Soho Farmhouse who took us directly to the main clubhouse barn where a delicious brunch was waiting for us. Even though outside was so cold, I instantly felt the cosiness and warmth that Soho houses have. Their effortless style, yet so elegant and well thought, makes you feel a hipster English countryside vibe. It felt very much like the Danish word hygge, imagine having brunch by the fire place while enjoying the view of the lake.
 After finishing brunch, we went on to the beautiful Barwell Barn, where we enjoyed some workshops and drinks. Some of the workshops included silk printing, flower arrangement and designing ceramics. We got to explore around, and let me say this place is amazing! They have a lovely greenhouse, bikes to ride all around, they plant their own veggies and they even have their own cinema inside, what else do you need for a getaway! They have barns and cottages for people to stay, or if you feel more adventurous you can even go glamping. Other facilities are the boathouse with an indoor and outdoor pool, grass tennis courts and six indoor and outdoor restaurants.
 Right when we finished exploring the entire place, they took us to the main restaurant again, this time for a Prosecco reception (yes!) and a Q&A session with Soho House founder Nick Jones. After hearing all the insights and the story behind this amazing book, we enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea with more than 10 types of cakes.
 If you love interiors, food and a stylish lifestyle, you will definitely love Soho House’s new book.