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28 December 2016

 This summer my brother got married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and despite living so far from Mexico, it was not an event that I could miss. Looking for cheap flights, we found a very good deal on a direct flight from London to Cancun and decided to spend a few days on the beach before the wedding, since we needed the sun after a long cold London winter and spring.
Arriving at the airport we decided to rent a Fiat 500 to be able to transport us and make a small roadtrip to a destination that I had been dying to go for a long time.
 Our first day at the beach we took advantage of Cancun’s blue sea as we sat on the sand and enjoyed some cold Coronas (we needed them!). Feeling the sun and the heat burning deep in the bones is one of my favourite things, so you could already imagine my happiness. After having stayed all day at the beach, we decided to go for some delicious tacos to end the day.
 The next day we prepared to go to the place that I had been waiting for so long, Las Coloradas de Yucatan. I had seen many pictures on the internet of that place and I could not believe that while I lived in Mexico for many years I had never visited this place, so this time around I could not miss out.